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Another year, VIK hotels and sport on Lanzarote

Vik Hotels -  08/06/2011

Another year, VIK hotels and sport on LanzaroteAnother year, Lanzarote has been stage for one of the hardest sports challenges of the world, the Ironman 2011. The 21st of May of last month, the lanzarote landscape has been a physical and mental challenge for the 1.471 participants of the sport contest. The sportsmen have been faced with 3, 8 km to swim, 180 km on bike and 42, 2 km to run, along volcanic shaped fields and picturesque villages with an unique stile. The winner of the men has been the german Timo Bracht, with the best time. In the category women, Rachel Joyce was the winner with polished performance. Lanzarote is a destination for Sports tourism on the highest level and the Ironman competition is without any doubt the most important and well known in the world. VIK hotels participated, like every year, at this unique event and offered the participating sportsmen, who have been allocated in the VIK Hotel San Antonio, maximum convenience; so the sportsmen were in a perfect condition. On the following day the VIK Hotel San Antonio invited all in the Hotel accommodated participants to a cocktail, to honour the performances and to congratulate the athlets.

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