Reservations Europe

  • From Spain: 902 160 630
  • Rest of Europe: +34 902 160 630

Schedules and languages:
Spanish, English and Portuguese monday to sunday: 24 hrs. German, French, Italian from monday to friday: 08:30 to 23:30 (GMT+1).

Avda. Rafael Cabrera 18, 2AB
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España

Reservations Rep. Dominicana

  • From Dominican Republic: 809 331 6640
  • From USA, Canada, Puerto Rico: 1 809 331 6640
  • From any other destinations in America: 1 809 331 6640

Schedules and languages:
Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 18:00h. Saturday from 09:00h to 12:00h (GMT-5).

White Sand, Carretera Arena Gorda
Bávaro, Higuey-Altagracia
Republica Dominicana
T. +1809 331 6640 / F. +1809 221 4649


VIK Suite hotel Risco del Gato  Hotel 4 estrellas


VIK Suite hotel Risco del Gato

Massages & Spa

SPA Estetic Treatments & Massages

MaryAle's Massages aims to provide well-being to clients through relaxation, healing and energetic stability.

Our therapists  will take care of you and help you to find the best  massages treatment, so you can feel a complete welfare.

General Massages:
  • Sport Massage
Descontracting, intense and energetic.
 30 min - 40 min - 55 min   
  • Relaxing Massage
Soft, relaxing and comforting
 30 min. - 40 min. - 55 min.
  • Feet Massage
Stimulating and anti-stress
30 min.
  • Facial Massage
Relaxing and stimulating massage expression lines.
Massage for Children
Soft and relaxing.
20 min.
  • Massage for children

Soft and relaxing

30 min.

Therapeutic Massages:
  • Circulatory Massage Tired Legs
Activating circulation of tired legs (massage+cold bandages)
40 min.
  • Anti-Headache Massage
Massage for the neck, cranium and face to relieve chronic headache
40 min.
  • Therapeutic Massage for Sacrum-Low Pain Back
Descontracting and relaxing massage in low zone of back to relieve the pain
40 min. 
  • Therapeutic Massage in Belly
Activating or disable bowel movement to relieve constipation or diarrhea.
40 min. 
  • Foot Reflexology Massage  
Press in the feet, the reflex points of the organs to balance the body's vital energy and improve your performance
40 min.

Special Massages:
  • Shiatsu Style Aze Massage
Oil-free Japanese massage, on a stretcher, where the fingers are pressed points of the whole body to improve psychosomatic ailments.
55 min.
  • Relaxing Massage Hot Stones         
Ayurvedic massage for total relaxation of the muscles and nervous system due to thermotherapy (50ºC)
55 min.
  • Thai Massage on Stretcher or on Tatami
It consists of a massage of deep pressures, acupressure and stretches throughout the body, without oil and comfortable clothing.
55 min. 
  • Chinese Traditional Massage TuiNa
It consists of establishing the circulation of the client's vital energy  through pressures, acupuncture points and stretches.
55 min. 
  • Four-Hand Massage
It is a relaxing massage, made by two perfectly synchronized masseurs, which give the person who receives it a unique sensation.
55 min.

For any more information and reservations phone at Reception Desk: +34-928.547175 // +34 34 928 58 53 27 //+34 672 627 306

Open every day from 10 to 19 hrs.



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