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The VIK hotel San Antonio Hotel features family rooms, Spa and a convention center

Vik Hotels -  03/02/2013

The VIK hotel San Antonio Hotel features family rooms, Spa and a convention centerAránzazu Fernández- La Provincia: The Vik hotel San Antonio, located in Puerto del Carmen (Tías) will undertake a complete reform of its facilities as part of the Plan of Modernization, improvement and increase of the competitiveness of the Tourism sector.
The establishment which in 2013 has been serving for four dacades will reorganize different spaces to increase the suites from six to twenty, make thirty new family rooms ( eleven of them with private garden) and eighty square meters Villas, assured Bárbara Espárrago de Vik , the owner of the hotel.

This remodeling will not affect the number of the 330 rooms, the 4 stars or the three swimming pools, this outdoor leisure area will also have a new solarium Spa.

Other news of the Rehabilitation scheme of VIK hotel San Antonio, tourism pioneer, together with Los Fariones Hotel, is the creation of a convention center.
One of the historical hotel´s attractive is the snack bar that will be renewed as a Chill out area with volcanic rocks from the island. Ms. Espárrago de Vik also explained that rooms will have wooden floors,   the reception ceiling will be higher and there will be a terrace in the buffet area.

The hotel was purchased by the Vik family in 1993In 2008 the VIK hotel San Antonio was the first hotel to use solar cooling technology with a system of solar thermal energy, whereby the heat is used to generate cold, considered the first of its kind with such characteristics and considerable size within the Canary Islands.

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