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The 5th of June is World Environment Friendly Day

Vik Hotels -  04/06/2012

The 5th of June is World Environment Friendly DayFor this reason VIK hotels group would like to share our experience with you and make you a part of the measures the VIK hotel San Antonio has been implemented regarding:

- The VIK hotel San Antonio uses since 2007 Solar thermal, whereby the heat from the sun is used to produce warm water for the clients, to acclimatize the pools and the surplus heat is passed and cooled through a mechanical absorption process and used for the air conditioning system.
- Air-conditioning system with high  energy efficiency and total heat recovery
- Cardboard mixer as a prelude to recycling
- Waste separation policy
- High percentage of hotel facilities with energy saving light bulbs, continuing its implementation
- Saving water in showers and baths with deposits of low water volume

A few tips on good environmental friendly practices:

- Turn the lights off, every time you are leaving the room
- Turn the electrical equipment off if you are not using them
- Replace light bulbs with lower energy bulbs
- Use recycled paper
- Use environment friendly bags
- Separate waste and packaging
- Install water saving devices on taps


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